The Afterthoughts of the Camino


Miss most

Fog in the valleys during our morning hikes

Breads boules
Almond cake
Croissants at breakfast
Hole in the wall cafés
Growing sunlight at sunrise
Pilgrim meals – simple but plentiful

Having no phone calls (Beth)

Pimentos de Patron (Beth but not so much the surprise hot ones)

Walking and seeing the countryside and meeting the local people (Beth)

Don’t miss

Being Sick for 2 days
Getting Knees hurt on the first day
Shoulders (pack?) – Seemed it was not the right pack for me.
Walking for hours and not doing something other than thinking (Jim)

Having to search for dinner during siesta so we don’t have to eat at 8 pm or later (Both)

Do it again? Probably with a number of critical changes. Pack, knee braces to start off with, less pack weight via less clothes in general. We found that several items were either not used or used so seldom. Better use of combinations of clothes. Bring a plastic sheet to put on beds that were not already encased in a plastic cover!!! Most were but a few were not and one of them I did get bit. Talk about itching.

Things to do at Home because of the Camino

Sell stuff that is just laying around not being used.

Sell LOTS of stuff.

Add a Stainless or brass Camino shell to our Chimney cap.