El Camino de Santiago – Our Trip Along “The Way”


Some have asked about the path we are taking across Spain. Here is a map of our path on the Frances Route of the Camino de Santiago. While there are many paths, we are following the one noted in red. Our start place is just over the border from Pamplona, Spain in France.

El Camino de Santiago is known in English as the Way of Saint James. For centuries people have walked many paths to pay homage to St. James, whose bones are housed in the Cathedral de Santiago. The people who walk the way are called pilgrims or perigrinos and are said to be on, you guessed it, a pilgrimage. Pilgrims have been walking to Santiago de Compostela since the early 800s CE.

Today, many pilgrims of all nationalities walk not only the Camino Frances but many paths which all end at the Cathedral of St. James. On at least one day this year, over 2000 pilgrims completed their journey. That is ONE DAY! We will not be walking alone.