Day 63

We camped overnight at the Grant Village Campground. The park holds a certain number of sites open for hikers and bikers, thankfully, as all the Park campgrounds were full.

Old Faithful was first on our agenda. There was a ranger present giving commentary that was quite interesting. I would show you photos but I couldn’t see the phone to know what was being filmed as the sun was on the screen. The photos were horrible.

After Old Faithful we headed to the Prismatic Springs which were amazing.

Prismatic Springs

Disaster was averted! We stopped in West Yellowstone so Raven could take advantage of the cell service as he has been without. I went into a outfitter during this time and then sat outside and talked with Jim. We both finished our respective calls and headed out to Mack’s Inn to scout parking places. We were about 1 hour away from West Yellowstone when I noticed my wallet was missing. We ended up driving back to West Yellowstone and finding my wallet where I was sitting talking with Jim. Whew! I didn’t have much cash in it but the driver’s license would not be immediately replaceable. Credit Cards and my Medical card can be easily replaced.

As normal with a transition day we looked for places with showers and laundry.

All the campgrounds, including the $45/night KOA were full. We ended up driving almost 2 hours to find a hotel that did not cost over $150/night. Upon arrival the hotelier answered the phone during check in and said they were sold out. We were lucky.

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