Day 62

I was awakened around 10:00 pm last night to the sound of rain. It was still raining after midnight and started again around 5:30 as I rolled over.

Today was a town day. Town days work on the psyche with the anticipation of things like showers, laundry, soda and different food.

We hiked nine miles in three hours today. We were moving! It helped there were no big uphills to climb.We arrived at Heart Lake Ranger Station where we talked with two nice Rangers while we ate lunch and dried our tents. They were king enough to give us filtered spring water even before telling us there was no good water to filter the rest of our hiking day. There was indeed water but is was part of a thermal springs and was not only quite warm but was sulfurous.

Ranger volunteers at Heart Lake
We look a mess.

The last 7.5 miles went quickly and we arrived at the trailhead just after 4:00. That was a quick 20 mile day for us.

Imagine our disappointment when we found out the showers were closed due to Covid-19. We got our tent site and thought about doing laundry but decided why launder when we would still be dirty and stinky. Sigh… I guess we will figure out something tomorrow.

We are looking forward to seeing Old Faithful in all of its glory tomorrow as neither of us has been to the park before this visit.

Thermals along the trail
View of Heart Lake
Big dandelion

Beginning mileage 1941.2

Ending mileage 1960.1

Total miles 18.9

Elevation 7803

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