Day 61

The 2000 ft climb over 3 miles was not as bad as anticipated. I must have had a good rest overnight.

On top of the 10,000 ft Mountain we saw a LOT of black bear and grizzly tracks. We did not see any bears. We did see what Raven said was a grizzly late in the day across a river and meadow. My eyes need new glasses as I had to look hard to see a little brown dot. The eye doctor is first on my list as I return home.

Look for the minuscule brown dot between the two upper clumps.

We waded the Snake River a minimum of four times. It is certainly not ready for river rafting at this stage.

We entered Yellowstone National Park around 2:00 and lounged at the Fox Valley Ranger Station to dry out our socks and shoes and to eat lunch. That gave us enough energy to go another eight miles.

Fox Creek Ranger Station at the South Border of Yellowstone
Make what you want of this tree

The last three miles of the trail went though literally miles of wildflowers. It was amazing.

We passed a SOBO hiker named Ninja. We were both anxious to get to our stopping points for the day.

We crossed one last creek of the day before finding a spot to place our tents.

Snake River

Begin mileage. 1921.6

Finish mileage 1941.2

Elevation 7518

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