Day 60

Late start from the cabin as Jeff’s tent and sleeping bag needed condensation to dry from them. For those wondering, condensation forms on the inside of a tent when the warmth and humidity from the camper hits the cool tent forming a thin coating of water. If the sleeping bag comes into contact with the walls, the water leaches into the bag. If the bag is damp it loses insulation value. Carrying a wet tent weighs more and, if not dried, can mildew.

The wildflowers were once again lovely. We walked through many meadows and crossed a lot of creeks and streams. We had to ford a wide stream and, as I had clean socks on, I elected to remove my shoes and socks and cross barefoot. Oh my goodness! The water was so cold my feet were numb upon reaching the shore. Hurt! I almost cried from the cold. I do not know why I bothered as I slipped and dropped a foot into a different stream and then I missed the shore and my foot went into a bog complete with sticky black mud. Wet shoes the rest of the day.

It was in the 80s today and hot as we crossed the meadows. We came upon a couple camping and then noticed 4 white tents in the distance and finally within 2 miles came across a horse camp. There are horseback tours from Yellowstone that go out for 5-6 days. They offered us coffee but we declined.

Our intent was to hike 21+ miles today with a climb over 6 miles and 2000 feet at the end of the day. I talked Jeff into camping 6 miles early so we could tackle the climb when we are fresh in the morning. It was a very tiring day.

After setting up camp we both took all of our shoes and socks to the stream to wash. I am hoping we were able to clean them enough to keep them from feeling like cardboard. We’ll know soon as they are hanging in trees drying.

Begin 1906.3

End 1921.6

Elevation 8210

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