Day 59

Not long after we left the road and began hiking, we were granted a grand view of a long cliff. It was truly impressive.

Again there were lots of flowers in the meadows. One species had 4 different shades. Pinks, purples, blue, red, and yellow are the most noticeable colors.

There were many stream crossings and one river to ford. It was knee high.

At one point we saw a bear paw print. It reminded us to make lots of noise.

We met two south bound (SOBO) hikers, Pack Rat and Snack Bar. It is always good to exchange information about the coming trail. When informed of some blown down trees ahead, PackRat said that CDT stood for “continually downed trees”.

Our destination today was an Administrative cabin. We located it in the middle of a large burned area and wondered how the fire missed it.

After cooking dinner on the cabin’s front porch we called it a night.

Begin 1906 3

End 1884.6

Miles 21.6

Elevation 7850

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