Day 58

Checked out Mack’s Inn Idaho for a possible stop then on to Yellowstone. The sheer number of people lined up to enter the park defies any crisis in the country. About half to sixty percent wore their masks. We traveled to areas of the park we won’t see on our hike, stopping at places of interest. We both liked the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with the falls, steep walls and the amazingly long set of steps across the canyon which begs a story. There were bison, elk, both bull and cow, a white pelican and lots of cars. We were disappointed in the scenery as we have been spoiled on our hike by some magnificent sights. We hope to see more on our less traveled route through the park.

We taste tested this root beer on July 4. This is the original place – Rexburg, ID
Raven’s namesake a BIG bird
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

We talked with some people just returning from a 5 night horse trip through the park. Four four horse trailers and gobs of gear.

The truck is parked at Grant Village in the park and the plan is to hike back to it. We caught a hitch only 10 minutes into trying at 7 pm. Jay went 30-40 miles out of his way to take us to the Pass. Kindness is not dead. Many thanks Jay.

Here we are camped by the side of the highway ready to make a good start in the morning. Nothing but the best for us! The plan is to hike four 20 mile days into the park. I did switch out my small bear spray for my large can as it is said the bears are active. We shall see.

Good night!

1884.7 Togowtee Pass

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