Day 57

After a late night we were awakened by Rambler talking with his doctor via teleconference regarding his foot. So much for sleeping in. That and a text at 6:30 from Jim regarding the possibility of not getting my replacement eyeglasses today.

Good news! All my packages including my eyeglasses showed up! We are now headed to Jackson to take Rambler to the airport to go home to find out what damage was to his foot and to get a new battery for the truck.

We elected to go to Rexburg, Idaho to the nearest Walmart for the battery. It may sound extreme but is saved over $50 and sets us up for our plan to tour Yellowstone tomorrow. We had planned to take an extra day while walking through Yellowstone to explore it more than a walk through. Since Raven’s package did not arrive to the PO on Saturday we have to make another trip to Dubois on Monday. This will allow us to walk on through the park into Idaho.

Note: the Grand Tetons are not as clear viewing today. We were fortunate last week to have them crystal clear. Also, the eastern side of the Tetons is much more impressive.

As we were not hiking it was laundry day. Our socks were so dirty we pre-washed them. It was truly disgusting.

Filthy water from 3 pair of socks and 2 pair of gaiters
We did clean the tub so the maid would not have to.

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