Day 56

Late start this morning because of heavy condensation in the tent and on my sleeping bag. We spread our tents and bags on trees and bushes to dry.

I was looking forward to having a trail on the next section. Within two miles was the location the bears that Raven saw were located. I saw no bears. Check out the print I found in the mud. Also, look at the size of the big cat print as well.

The hiking community always talks about the ‘bubble’. This refers to the group of current hikers on the trail and where the largest grouping is. Right now the front of the bubble is just getting to our location in Wyoming. As I was headed south, i met 3 thru hikers who started at the Mexico border in April or May. Their names are Chips Crusher, Damien, Golden and a section hiker named Larry Boy. If one counts Chimp and Raindancer that will make 5 thrus. Some of the folks we started with are just walking into Wyoming. Kudos to them for bracing all the snow in Colorado. I would bet the bubble will hit soon.

Lots of meadow crossings today. I need to be sure to change socks more frequently. My socks were dirty and rubbed parts of my feet. It probably doesn’t help that my shoes have holes in them to let in dirt. I will need new shoes very soon.

I made it back to Union Pass Rd where Raven was to pick me up. The mosquitoes were bad enough that I set up my tent to keep them at bay. After a bit, I heard some one say “the backpacker is over here?” A man named Rambler hobbled over and talked with me for a bit. He has a bad strain on his right foot, perhaps a stress fracture. He said he was going one mile to Lake of the Woods Campground and would camp there hoping to get a ride to Dubois in the morning. I told him Raven was picking me up and we were going into Dubois.

Raven showed up around 8:30. The truck needed to be jumped when he got to it. It was 10 pm when we found a hotel room. We thought to split it 3 ways but Rambler paid for it as a thank you.

Town chores and mail pickup tomorrow.

Begin mileage. 1865.6

End Mileage 1844.2

Total miles 21.4

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