Day 53

The morning was spent walking along the Green River. Yes, it is green. The wildflowers are in full bloom and the scenery was gorgeous.

White columbine

There is still snow melt forming marshy areas and at one point I crossed a mudslide area.

Mud slide

It is always easy to tell when a trailhead is near. In the five miles before the trailhead I counted 37 people whereas the previous 20 miles I saw 4.

Raven was waiting at the trailhead and we headed into town. We had hotdogs and beans for dinner at the hotel and planned the next section and sorted food and did the laundry.

We will be headed into grizzly country. We each have bear spray. Our ultimate goal would be to hike together but without long and uncertain hitches that probably won’t happen.

Following the sun Green Lake
Canoe on Green Lake

Start mileage 1819.2

End mileage 1828.0

Miles 8.8

Elevation 8009

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