Day 52

Let me first say how glad I am to not have aborted this section of the hike. The day was incredible.

First there was lake after lake with a magnificent backdrop of rocky crags soaring to the heavens with their streaks of snow making it more dramatic. Then there was 5-6 miles of snow fields that needed to be crossed. These were on slopes, some steep, some not as much. Most flowed to a lake at the bottom of the field. Naturally the trail lays underneath so cross it I did, carefully. It was rather slow going.

The views kept coming. It is best to show you in photos.

Then there were the river crossings. Perhaps seven or eight that required wading. Fortunately, the deepest was mid-thigh on me. Luckily my skirt was fast drying, unfortunately not so much the shoes and socks. It seemed just as the shoes and socks were drying out another stream needed to be forded. Wet feet all day.

Blowdowns made for another interesting challenge. Two mile with occasional poles of trees. They were tiring near the end of the day.

As for my calf, it aches with every step but is functioning better than expected. Hope it will be even better tomorrow.

As you know Raven and I are hiking opposite directions to deal with the truck. This section is 39 miles long and we met on the trail this morning at 10:40. He hiked 20 miles yesterday as the terrain was flat most of those miles. I only hiked 11 yesterday. He will hike out tonight having completed 20 miles. His incentive is an air mattress that no longer holds air and he really would like the insulation. I will arrive at Green River campground tomorrow before noon. We will relax and plan in the afternoon for our next section. We are also going to have hotdogs for dinner. No need to go to a restaurant.

I did meet two CDT hikers today, Chimp and Raindrop. They hiked this trail two years ago and enjoyed it so much they are doing it again. Chimp injured his calf muscle yesterday also. While hiking Lake Ann Pass in Colorado last month they both lost footing on the snow field and had to stop their descent with their ice axes. Unfortunately, before they were able to stop they both had the skin raked off their upper legs by the icy snow. They were forced to take ten days off to heal. They both have scars and some unsealed patches on their legs. Ouch. They are hiking a 35 mile day today.

Start mileage 1800.2

End mileage 1819.2

Today’s miles 19

Elevation 8037

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