Day 51

Raven and I are trying something different in our hikes. As we have Raven’s truck, he started the trail at Green River and I drove the truck to the Elkhart Trailhead near Pinedale and began hiking north. Ideally, we will Pass each other sometime tomorrow on the trail. It will be interesting as to where, as that will be an indicator of who is moving faster. When Raven gets to the truck he will drive back to Green River to meet me. Our plan is to leapfrog north in this manner.

This section is 40 miles, 30 CDT miles and 10 miles on a connector trail. As I walked up the connector trail there must have been fifty or more people coming and going on the trail. That is a huge number when we only see those numbers when visiting town. This trail head leads to a lot of lakes and streams so fishing poles are seen in backpacks and to various other trails. Lots of people — Oh! I almost forgot, as I was just ready to get on the trail a family exited into the parking lot with their two pack llamas. That is not a frequent sight.

After moving the truck down 20 miles of truly bad road and then another 30, I got on the trail at 11 am. The trail was a gradual uphill and about four miles I in was at Photographer’s Point. My goodness! What a view! This connector had quite a few terrific views.

Around six miles in I hurt myself. Jim told me just last night not to fall so he will be happy to know I didn’t really fall. On a steep descent there was a patch of fine dirt with tiny ball bearing rocks hiding within. Before I could lift my right foot, the left foot slid on the dirt causing my right foot to fold completely at the knee with force and weight placed on it. The result was a badly pulled muscle in my calf.

After sitting dawn and stretching my leg for a bit I stood. Ouch! I hobbled to a rock so I could rest the leg and assess the damage. It really hurt to walk. Shortly I stopped and took an ibprophen hoping for it to relax the muscle. As I slowly moved down the trail I assessed the options.

1. I could turn around and hobble 6 miles back to the truck, or

2. Continue on and hobble the remaining 34 miles.

If I were to turn back it would cause Raven worry when we did not meet on the trail and it would worry Jim (who tracks my progress) when he would see me repeat my steps and I would really be unhappy if the soreness went away after I got off the trail with overnight rest. I hobbled on. The pain lessened after a couple hours but has yet to stop.

I met Sky, a hiker from Vermont who is sectioning the CDT and has finished all the way from Albuquerque to middle Montana. We did not talk very long as swarms of mosquitoes were looking for their yearly quota of blood from us. DEET really works. I did count about 25 head nets today.

Lovely lakes were on the menu today And I am camped above one for the night. More Vitamin I is on tap for this evening and I have high hopes to finish the remaining 28 miles in this section on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Begin PoleCreek/Seneca Lake trail 11.6 miles

Begin CDT miles 1799.6

End mile 1800.1

Total miles 12.7

Elevation 10,482

One thought on “Day 51

  1. Hope your knee gets better quick. Looks like a really beautiful area! I did a 6 day backpack in the Winds several years ago and really enjoyed it. Your leapfrogging idea is interesting, it could be a good way to hike a long distance trail in these COVID times that might catch on. I’m headed out to the Tahoe Rim Trail in a little less than 2 weeks, so I might have some stories too!


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