Day 49

Our goal today was to go eight miles and exit at Big Sandy Lodge to pick up a resupply box for Raven.

His Shoulder pain was no better. We stayed for burgers and the management apologized for having ‘store bought’ beef instead of their normal locally grown beef. Truth told, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

After lunch we took advantage of their shower as we become quite stinky hiking. We decided to hitch into Pinedale as we did not have enough food to hike there as we were not making our normal number of miles.

The hitch. My goodness. We went to the hiking trailhead parking lot to try and hitch a ride to Pinedale. We waited over two hours for a ride. It might have been due to it being Friday afternoon and people were going out for the weekend not going into town. We finally stopped a car leaving and TJ agreed to give us a ride to the main highway. Quite an interesting fellow. He leads climbing exhibitions in Morocco and has for the past two years. He is back in the states with his wife and one year old daughter due to COVID 19. They are visiting their families during this time.

TJ dropped us at the intersection 40 miles from our destination. Thanks TJ for your help. After standing trying to hitch for 30 minutes, a pickup truck stopped at the closed store behind where we were standing at the road. This is 8:15 at night and our chances of getting a ride were diminishing. I walked over and asked if he was headed toward Pinedale. He was. He also agreed to take us. He and four children made room in the double cab for me and Raven rode in the back with all kinds of camping gear. Three quarters of the way to Pinedale it was revealed they were going to the very trailhead where we had parked. Fabulous! We did not need to walk 15 miles or try and hitch late at night. Thanks to Travis and his family.

Start mileage 1751.5

Ending mileage 1760.2

Total miles 8.7

Big Sandy Lake
Diseased tree

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