Day 48

It was a cold morning. We awakened to ice on the inside of the tent. The condensation froze at what registered 30.8 degrees on my watch. We took the time to put our tents out in the sun to dry the condensation instead of waiting until lunch to spread things out.

The beginning of our day was the rough climb we did not want to do last night. We are glad we waited for morning. After the major climb the trail was good with slight ups and downs through pine forest or meadows. There are more rock formations as we go along with resting locations.

There have been several stream crossings today. We have been able to rock hop or cross on logs to keep our feet dry. One particularly swift creek had a huge log spanning it. We crossed over and Raven located a great rock formation to sit on for lunch and it did not have mosquitoes. After lunch, we checked out the Guthook app and found we were 1/2 mile off the right trail. So, we had to recross the log then walk back until we found the trail. A waste of time and energy.

Wrong stream crossing, not on trail.

It is another short day as Raven’s shoulder has been hurting so badly he has to stop and take off his pack every half mile. We are hoping with rest tonight it will become more bearable.

Start 1741.6

Ending 1751.5

Elevation 8983

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