Day 47


We left Tea Kettle Meadow just after 7 this morning. The trail followed a constant up and down today as we entered the Wind River Range. Not as much sand and sage replaced by pines and aspens.

Gaining elevation

We entered the Bridger Teton Wilderness this afternoon. We truly are not that far from the Teton Mountain Range. As we were shuttling cars yesterday we glimpsed them in the distance.

Raven crossing a stream

We did overtake a section hiker and enjoyed a nice chat at a water source. He is an older guy who has been working for years in the States and is walking a section of the CDT prior to going back home to Scotland. He said he was ready to go home.

The feet. I did get a small blister on the side of my right big toe. All other digits and the remainder of each foot are just great. My thought is not only the different shoes but I am wearing Bridgedale socks which don’t hug my feet as tightly. Perhaps the Darn Toughs pushes my toes together tightly causing rubbing. This is, however, pure speculation.

Our plan was to hike 18.2 miles today. We could have made it but we were both tired and then we found this gorgeous stream in the middle of a wonderful meadow. There is even a fire ring, firewood and a bench for sitting. The choices were: go ahead up a 1400 foot climb in 3 miles then reach the campsite in 5 miles, or go forward hoping we could fine a good campsite on the way or stay here tonight and tackle the climb in the morning. As we both were fatigued, we elect to tackle the climb in the morning.

Fire pit

Stream meandering through the meadow

This decision will cause us to push hard for resupply tomorrow. We anticipate several stream crossings.

Elevation 8840

Begin mile 1728.6

End miles 1741.6

Today’s miles 13.0

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