Day 46

Our plan today was to drop Raven’s truck at the trail head 15 miles from Pinedale then mail my resupply and Jim would drop us off at South Pass City to begin the walk north. Due to some bad info from a local, we had to turn back to Lander after a 40 minute drive attempting to cross the mountains. Unfortunately, the road was still closed so we turned around.

Of course we cannot go from point A to point B directly. We made it to Pinedale after a gasoline stop, dropped the truck (moved it once as it was near a swarm of bees), visited the PO and then stopped for lunch. By the time we walked onto the trail, it was 3:00 pm. Not the start on the day we wanted but we made it. Jim obviously altered his plans for the return trip to Kentucky to accommodate us. Thanks a bunch!

Our easy trail

It was a pretty easy trail with the exception of one longish up and by now you all know my dislike of ups. We started in the desert, again, and we are headed into the Wind River Range. They are supposedly one of the most beautiful parts of the CDT. We should enter the main area in another two days. We will not be doing the Cirque of the Towers as we are not wanting to brave more dangerous conditions as they are a higher, albeit more stunning section.

Wildlife was scarce today. We saw one mule deer doe that bounded away after giving us a good look and a could of chipmunks. The only other thing of note was the big cat scar and paw prints. We did not see a cat which is probably for the best.


We are camped at Tea Kettle Meadow tonight. We took the liberty of naming as we found a lovely stainless steel whistling tea kettle by the flowing stream. No, neither of us wanted tea tonight but we were tempted.

Our camp at Tea Kettle Meadow

I almost forgot. Good news! My feet do not hurt and there were NO hot spots or blisters! WhooHoo! I am looking forward to seeing how they perform on a longer day.

The wind continues to blow at 9 pm tonight. The signs at South Pass stated to expect 60 mph gusts. Of course that was in the form of a headwind. Temps are supposed to be in the 40s tonight and in the 90s tomorrows.

Elevation 8832

Start 1719.2

End 1728.6

9.4 miles

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