Get Ready, Get Set…

Go! Jim, Raven and I are here in Lander, WY this evening getting ready to hit the trail tomorrow. Well, Raven and I will, Jim will make the long trip back to Kentucky after shuttling us to the trail. He is a good man.

Raven has his truck so we are planning the logistics of hiking, recovering the vehicle then moving to the next section. Yes, it may be awkward, but, we will have transportation (hopefully) at the trail heads and will eliminate most of the hitch hiking to and from towns. Some towns are thirty or more miles from the trail. Hitching is not my favorite trail activity.

As usual for the first day, the pack is heavy with food and water. I keep telling myself that it gets lighter each meal and each day.

Our trip will begin in South Pass City and we hope to be in Yellowstone National Park in just over 2 weeks. We are planning to saunter through Yellowstone as neither of us have visited before. There are hot spring creeks we may take advantage of in addition to seeing the unique features of the park. No, we will not be harassing the wildlife. Only idiots do that!

Give me a few days to find WiFi service and these entries will begin again. Be safe and healthy.

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