Day 45

I awoke at 4:40 again this morning and knew it was a ‘sleep in’ morning. Around 6:30 I heard hiking poles clipping along the road I should have taken yesterday headed south.

I left the tent site around 7:30 and headed down the road to where either South Pass City or Atlantic City were located. All of my electronics ran out of juice (due to the no trail trial yesterday) so there was no way but memory to figure out where to go. After about a half mile there were trail markers (notice I didn’t say trail) as I had no reference and feared no trail I headed on down the road thinking it must lead to civilization of some sort. Aha! A sign! South Pass City 3 miles to the left and Atlantic City 1 mile to the right. Yep, I went right.

There is a B & B called Wild Bill’s that caters to bikers and hikers. No answer at the doorbell of the property. Ok then, you snooze, you lose. So I went across the street to the Miner’s Inn. There was a sign on the door to call a phone number or go down the street to 25 S Dexter St to the big brown house for help. Atlantic City is a small town, very small, so I walked EACH street, up and down and did not see one soul. I found a water spigot and got a bit of water as I was out and even knocked on one door with a vehicle in the drive. No answer. The convenience store is closed and the sign says they will open when ‘this is over’. IT must not be over. The Grubstake Restaurant is closed on Monday so no help there. I guessed I would just hike the now 4 miles to South Pass even though a short text from Jim said the package wouldn’t arrive until tomorrow. As I was passing Wild Bill’s there were people there. Bill, his wife Camilla and several family members had returned from errands.

I now have a cute little cabin with breakfast included and Camilla made me a lovely pot of tea with a small plate of cookies. Obviously I am happy to be here. Electricity to charge my devices, laundry and shower (although the water doesn’t get warm) what more do I need? I have yet to get up the nerve for a cold shower. Update: got hot water and it felt good.

My home for the night
Bathroom and laundry
Home sweet home

Best wishes to Bill who returned home a day or two ago after a 3 way bypass. After a trip to Lander for follow up today he and his heart pillow are tired and resting.

Question for those who know horses. Can one horse make a pile of horse apples this large in one sitting, so to say? Or, as one marking his territory, does he come back time after time and hit the same spot? Random thoughts during the hike. And, this is not the largest pile seen.

Horse apple anyone?

Miles today 2.5

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