Day 44

Rinse and repeat. Walking today was a repeat of the high winds of yesterday complete with the headwinds, tailwinds and cross winds. The exception being no 90 degrees. It fluctuated between 77 for the high and by the time I stopped for the night it was in the 40s.

The wind would have been vicious with snow but without, merely wicked bad.

Exception: only 16 antelope, no horses, no shepherd or sheep, and no cute puppy.

My morning was mentally spent figuring ways to get home. From finding a ride to the nearest airport to renting a car, collecting my mail drops already sent and then heading home. I decided to find someone willing to take me to a rental agency from Atlantic City would be my best bet. It would probably be less expensive than Jim making a trip to pick me up. He just got home and has things to do. I know he would come but a rental might be best.

The trail today followed portions of the California Trail/Seneca Cutoff and the Oregon Trail. There was a space that it was easy to imagine the wagons circled for the night. It must have been misery to be in wind such as I had being fearful the wagons would be upended and only making small miles over the gentle hills.

They could have circled the wagons here
I think I can see the old wagon ruts

I have been trying to walk 20 miles a day and have been successful on this leg of the journey. Yesterday, however, I reached my 20 miles at 2:30 pm, way too early to stop. Besides that blasted wind. I found no place where my tent would be somewhat buffered and feared it would be shredded by the wind. With South Pass City only 10 more miles ahead, I kept going—just a couple miles. Then another couple. Then the CDT struck. I checked my Guthook at an intersection on two well worn paths and found I was off trail, again. I cut cross country to pick up the trail and sure enough, Guthook put me directly on the trail—NOT! The trail was there, I guess, but there was no trail. With my Guthook app open I followed the electronic path through shin high sagebrush and cactus and other plant life for 5 + miles! What could have taken 2 hours took almost 4 hours and don’t forget the 20+ mph winds gusting higher as a headwind. Why didn’t I stop? Because there was no sheltering swale or trees, just this shin high stuff. About a mile from Atlantic City I got on a well traveled (maybe just a nice) road and after 10 minutes later found some trees in a pasture and set up my tent. 9 pm and 29 miles later I called it a day. I am supposedly one mile to Atlantic City. Good thing, too as I was beginning to shiver. Heaven forbid I drop my pack and dig out warmer clothes than my skirt, long sleeved shirt and rain jacket. That would have wasted time! Duh!

Somewhere in the afternoon after a break, I lost the need to go home. Therefore it will be on to Pinedale. Maybe my mental state has changed for the better.

Mileage today 29.0

I do not like selfies
The Wind River Range. Will it be open? Looks like snow to me.


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