Day 42

Last night I was awakened about 9:30 with some yelling and carrying on which appeared to be coming from the spring. I had thought about camping at the spring but decided it would be unfair to any wildlife coming to get a drink so I moved on. The people quit hooping and hollering and slamming car doors and left about 10 o’clock. I am glad I wasn’t there. Not only the partiers but there is a county road that was busier than I expected .

This morning as I’m hiking early I’ve seen seven antelope thus far and lo and behold the Wind River range is just coming into view. That’s the next step after the Great Basin. That sight will inspire me to keep going on these dusty roads in the middle of nothing..

It is about 10:45 and I am filtering water. There are cows around and three actually braved the presence of a human for a drink. Other cows stood and stared at me. After a bit they moved on.

The antelope count is now up to 18.

It was HOT today. Finally, I stopped for a couple of hours hoping the day would cool off and/or a brisk breeze would begin. I left my shade around 3 pm and walked on. Around four pm it seemed to cool down noticeably. I was thirsty all day and kept an eye out for water. Am I drinking more because of the sausage at lunch or just the heat? Tomorrow the water will be scarce. There is reported to be good water two miles from here and sketchy water for over 15 miles. I think I will carry extra.

After setting up my tent I happened to check for cell service. Ta Da! One bar. Sometimes that is enough. A text came in from Raven, with whom I hiked in NM. He is thinking about coming up here from Salida, CO as the snow is a bit too much for his comfort level. I let him know my schedule and he may come to join me. It is amazing how much faster time goes when you are not alone. We shall see.

Surprise! Jim called after receiving my text. He is in Missouri celebrating a birthday for a dear family member, Martina. Oops! She likes the term anniversary. I hope you all enjoyed the dinner.

Miles 19.8

Some of the pretty flowers
Topography is changing
Irises near the spring. Many springs are fenced like this to keep out cattle.


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