Day 41

I woke up to the sound of cattle. They were less than 30 feet away from the sandy shelf I called home last night. They drifted away as I prepared to leave.

Morning guard cows

The trail all day was a dirt road. Do you remember that scene in Forrest Gump where he is running on that road that seemed to stretch to the sky? That was my path today. Long straight dirt road. Not much change of scenery. If I had ever contemplated a walk across the country this put paid to that. It seemed to take forever.

The road go on…

Highlights for the day. At the spring I had a red wing blackbird take offense at my presence. He flapped hovering above my head several times. When not doing that he stayed within 20 feet of me scolding me. I would imagine I may have been too close to a nest. There were four antelope sighted today, one by one and two herds of wild horses. That part was good.

My serenading friend

I am in my tent tonight. Last night I attempted to use it but the winds were too strong and keeping the tent erect was a losing proposition. I am happy to be in the tent as this morning there was frost on my sleeping bag.

I think this will be an early night. I am not hungry for the second night in a row but I am making myself eat. Tonight it is black bean and rice soup.

No, Jim, this was not a fun day.

21.3 miles

And on.
Even the sign is tired of it
View from my tent

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