Day 40

I felt like I was a 4 year old heading to preschool for the first time. Half of me wanted to go home with JIM, where as the second half wanted to be on the trail. JIM reminded me that if I didn’t do this I would regret not having finished what I started. Once I was on the trail everything is fine as we knew it would be.

I left on the north side of Rawlins this morning to avoid the snow on the trail closer to Encampment. The first couple hours we’re fine, I did get off the trail but no big deal. The middle part of the day was a challenge. There was no trail. I would look at Guthook and be in good shape and the next time I looked I would be 2000 feet off the trail. I believe I spent an extra 3 miles going back-and-forth trying to find the trail multiple times.. Difficulty with finding the trail and walking into a 15 mile an hour wind was tiring.

Around 2 o’clock the Trail miraculously appeared and I was able to follow it for the remainder of the day.

Today was a good critter day. I saw three ground squirrels, four antelope, multiple cows and calves, and the best thing of all was a mare and a stallion and very new foal. I heard a horse neigh and looked to see them coming over a rise. They were headed toward the spring about half a mile away where I had had lunch. I was surprised how close they came to me. I wanted to see wild horses for Bud. It made me happy to see them.

Horses for Bud. Video is much better.

The wind blew and blew causing me to decide to cowboy camp. I could not find enough space out of the wind to set up my tent. It may be an interesting time as the nearby cows are curious.

It looks like I need to do 23 miles a day to arrive at Atlantic City/South Pass City in 4 days. Time to step up my game.

Total miles 18.6

One thought on “Day 40

  1. Your tribute to Bud with the wild horses sighting was appreciated! I know he was seeing them with you. How I wish he would have pursued that interest while we were in the area that time. Caro


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