Day 37

Town day in Chama, New Mexico. Town days are not necessarily a day of rest. Today I was lucky in that Sion, the manager of the hotel did my laundry. That saved 1.5 hours at a laundromat. It seems there has been a major reworking of the water infrastructure of Chama so the town is on a boil order and reduced water usage so the laundry is closed. I am so happy Sion did the laundry as 10 days of wearing the same clothes is offensive even to the wearer.

Jack knocked on my door this morning and we went for breakfast. After came the town chores of cleaning the rest of the gear, back flushing the water filter, bleaching the water reservoirs, taking inventory of Vitamin I, extra foods, needed foods, setting sleeping bags out to sun and lessen any smell. Later today I will use Jack’s bathtub to try and find a minuscule leak in my sleep pad. It loses about half the volume over night. I am glad that it doesn’t loose all the air overnight.

About 1 pm we are planning to walk the mile into town to see ‘downtown’ Chama. I guess when you hike all day everyday you can’t not walk. Driving through yesterday, Chama looked like a cute town with some interesting shops.


Chama seems sleepy but apparently in addition to the cog railway it is one of the world’s premier trophy elk destinations. Apparently in season people from all over the world pay $10,000 to $50,000 to stay at hidden world class lodges secreted in the mountains around here to bag their trophy. It is a scientific process by which a trophy bull is used to inseminate cows to breed big animals and after a certain level of maturity the calves are released in the mountains for future hunts. Hidden stories in most unlikely places.

Enough rambling.

Miles 0

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