Day 35

Walking through a meadow first thing, a young elk ran in circles until it decided which way to go. It was only about 50 feet away.

There is very little snow to be seen but a lot of cold temporary streams flow through beautiful meadows. The streams themselves may only be 8-10 feet across but can be two or three feet deep. It is great to come across one when in need of water.


Climbing up to a long ridge walk we saw the scat of a big cat. Even big cats like to scrape and pretend to cover their waste. I think I saw a couple of prints but no cougar.

The long ridge walk was absolutely stunning! We walked along a sharp drop off for several miles overlooking a big valley that looked as it it had been manicured. It looked almost like a giant golf course. While walking along, I heard an elk bugleing. I didn’t know they did so in June. Jack heard it as well several minutes later.


While sitting at Brazos Ridge overlook we had cell service so I called the next town, Chama, to make arrangements to stay upon arrival. I also texted Jim who then surprised me by calling. He was at my Uncle Bob’s house so I was able to talk with him for a few minutes. Love to you and Aunt Alta!

IMG_7899IMG_1353 2

We met a bicyclist with a fat wheel bike riding the trail. He told us about some major blow downs in the last 8 miles before Cumbres Pass. He is training in NV for a big cross country race across South Dakota in July. Then a man in a pickup truck drove by (we were on a road at that point) he had spent the past week, and far in the future,treasure hunting. It appears that a wealthy man named Forrest Fenn has supposedly buried a 10×10 bronze box filled with gold coins and nuggets and other manner of gold. To direct people to find it he wrote a poem that can be interpreted to locate this treasure. After ten years no one has found it. Some are sure it is somewhere in Wyoming and this man believes it is in northern New Mexico. The book to read about the treasure and the poem itself is called The Thrill Of The Chase. I might check it out. (Note – supposedly the next day on the news the treasure has supposedly been found – It even showed up on CBS Sunday Morning program)


We will finish New Mexico tomorrow. Our treasure hunter informed us that the cox railway was resuming service tomorrow. We think we will stay on the trail Saturday night and catch the train to Chama on Sunday morning. That would be wonderful.

Today’s miles 16.4
Total CDT miles 763.5

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