Day 34

We had a 6:30 start. Yea! There was about 2 hours of uphill before we settled into a PUD routine. Thankfully for most of the day we were headed more down than up.

It was a pretty uneventful day with the exception of meeting two people headed south. The first was a guy named Stitch and he is from…wait for it…Kentucky! Up near Louisville. He is hiking for two weeks and plans to come back to Chama then go north for a bit. It is possible we will see him in Chama.

The second guy is from Albuquerque out of Chicago. He seems to have traveled extensively and seemed quite familiar with Bowling Green and Paducah in addition to the Colorado area. His manner of dress was a bit unusual in that he had light colored pants, long sleeved shirt, a boonie (floppy) hat and his day pack. The unusual thing was he was wearing what appeared to be a 48” square white tablecloth under the boonie hat, kinda like a sheik.

We did pass by a campground, Hopewell, with a nice lake and plenty of bathrooms scattered about. We suspect when it opens once again next week it will be quite busy. What we liked best was there was a spigot where we could get water we didn’t have to filter.


IMG_5524 2

I did see a young elk today. It scooted off with a racket through the woods. And just as we were leaving camp this morning we saw a small herd of mule deer.

Snow melt is happening. Mostly we see some mud and some marshy areas. You may take my word for it, the mud is slippery. Whoosh! Down she went! Into more mud. No harm done except a layer of the stuff.



We have 27.5 miles to the New Mexico/Colorado border. We really would like to make it day after tomorrow. The plan is to try and do 20 miles (or as close as possible) allowing us to get to the border early on Saturday. Then there is an additional 4 miles back to the road to head into Chama. We should have cell service tomorrow and will call the Y Motel to find out what time their shuttle runs. This section is almost complete.

19 miles today
Total CDT miles 745.5

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