Day 33

We woke up to a couple of turkeys down by the creek.

It’s a beautiful morning walking through the Aspen forest along a quiet path with the birds trilling all around. I hope to do 17 miles today. Jack is not feeling very well as he has indigestion issues. So hopefully his medication will straighten him up.


I still can’t believe the amount of flag it irises all over the place even fields of them.

It was a beautiful walk this morning. A lot of water from the snowmelt over 11,000 feet. In and out of gorgeous Meadows and into the trees. One thing, there’s always a trade off, the mosquitoes are fierce. As long as you keep moving there is no problem but don’t bother stopping just inside the trees you’ll be swarmed.


This afternoon we came across a Forest Service Ranger who was maintaining the trail. We had seen his truck a few miles back it here he comes riding a fat tire bike complete with helmet and a very neat backpack. He gave some input on what to expect ahead and listened to where I had found some blow downs. We kidded later about how it would have been nice for him to jack up this one tree about two foot in diameter instead of just cutting off the limbs. The kidding was because we had to get down on our bellies to go under.

We crossed the Rio Villacito today on a huge fallen tree that spanned the river. We stopped to soak our feet and rinse out some stinky clothes and socks. You know we smell bad when we can’t even stand ourselves.



We are camped at Rock Creek tonight. It is always nice to have water nearby. As we were setting up camp two people came down the trail headed south. Michelle and Zack are doing a section from Cumbres Pass to Cuba. They have recently left the Peace Corps in Mozambique and are both preparing to continue their studies in the Northwest. It was great to talk with them. They had met everyone we know hiking ahead of us. Apparently, the super crew of Creep and Hy-Gina decided to do a 40 mile day to celebrate reaching the Colorado border.

As we were settling into our tents we were serenaded by a pack of coyotes. They weren’t too far away.
16 miles
Total CDT miles 736.5

One thought on “Day 33

  1. Making steady progress, way to go! Sounds like you’re getting into the beautiful sections of trail. Hopefully the lower humidity out west keeps the true hiker stink at bay.


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