Day 32

For me it was a day of misdirection. At least three times I found myself off the trail by 1000 feet or so. Bushwhacking is more exhausting than just walking the trail.

Lunch time

On the good side, in addition to lots of cows, I saw a mule deer, a couple of rabbits and a coyote (I doubt it was a wolf although it was big enough).

At lunch we had pack explosions (everything out of the packs) and draped the wet tents and sleeping bags to dry. We packed up quickly when we felt a couple drops of rain. It was overcast all morning and Jack was ready to take bets on it raining. No rain yet but it can as we are snug in our tents.

Lots of iris along the way (Gorgeous says JD)

Lots of walking today and seeing yet another side of New Mexico. We walked through what I would consider prairie and discussed what it would have been like in a prairie schooner over a hundred years ago. Beautiful views.

Long views
Water is near
Rancher repairing fence

We are sleeping at 9710 feet above sea level so we expect it to be a cool night.

17.5 miles

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