Day 31

Wanda Roach gave us a ride to the post office this morning after a very restful night at her place on the river. My package did not arrive at Abiquiu so Jack, being overly optimistic on his appetite, as he is, had enough food for both of us in his resupply box with the exception of a little protein and a little bit of breakfast stuff. We went over to Bode’s and sorted out the food, then went and bought a breakfast burrito which was huge. Eggs, sausage potatoes, peppers, green chilies, anyway really really good. Afterward, we hitched a ride clear to the trail head which was fabulous. It’s about 20 miles outside of town so that was a huge, huge favor. Getting on the trail there was a stream right away and the subsequent trail was easy ups and downs. thunderstorms are threatening and it will be interesting to see if they arrive. Big, dark, ugly clouds with thunder but no lightning are roiling overhead. We shall see. Somehow having a cooling sprinkle would feel really good about now as it is over 90 degrees.

Has anyone ever said to be careful what you wish for? Sure enough it rained. It was a cold steady sprinkle that lasted longer than I wished. Thinking the rain would feel good, I didn’t put on my rain gear. Along with the rain, the temperature dropped 35 degrees. After about 45 minutes I was downright cold. I was ahead of Jack, so I found a flat spot under some large pines and set up the fly to my tent. When Jack arrived we both fit in comfortably with our packs. All my clothes were wet so I put on a different shirt, my puffy and rain gear trying to warm up. We made tea and coffee and had a snack while waiting for the rain to quit. No one can afford hypothermia. After an hour and a half the rain stopped and we started out again. New Mexico mud is just as bad a Kentucky mud. Oh boy, really slowed us down.

More hail
Vertebrae anyone?

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