Day 30

Who knew I was so tired? We stopped walking last night at 4:30 and after setting up camp and eating, I layed down to write a bit. Growing tired, I looked at my phone which read 6:38. Next thing I know, it is 9:30 and after a quick trip to visit with nature, I fell back to sleep and did not awaken until almost 5 am. A really good night. Perhaps it was listening to the the rain that put me to sleep.

During our walk today we were on a forest service road where we encountered some cattle in the road. I think about 7 or so, most of them young. There were other cattle down about a 10 foot drop on the left and on the right was a pretty good incline. Well, the cattle didn’t want to get off the road and we just wanted to go past them. Pretty soon it seemed like we were herding them down the road. There was some mooing in protest, especially from the younger cattle. After about five minutes we heard a deep basso moo. Mr. Bull was down the slope. He and the other cattle talked it over and he began to climb to the road, warning us in that deep voice. He was one of the biggest bulls we have seen. He started down the road toward us mooing in that deep voice. Obviously we were a bit concerned but the young cattle finally realized they could get off the road. One cow and her calf took a stand and stared attentively as we squeezed by.

We refigured our route and only had 16 miles to the road that led to Abiquiu. We set out with a steep climb and descent followed by mostly down hill. We reached Skull Bridge which began a road walk for 6 miles. It began raining so we stepped under an information sign at the Chama River to wait it out. While there, a really neat vehicle stopped near by. It is configured for heavy off road camping. Really high clearance, winch, compressor, kitchen, sleeping area and who knows what else. They were on the way to Santa Fe and offered to take us into Abiquiu. Nice, nice folk, Sheila and Roho.

Neat overland camper
Rojo and Sheila from Santa Fe

We need to pick up boxes at the post office which will not open until Monday. Where to stay in a town without an open hotel? My friend and client, Mary, had given me the name and number of her friend who several years ago moved from Chicago to this small town. I called this nice lady who couldn’t help as they were quarantined but she provided the name of someone who could help. We are now ensconced in a private campground on the Chama River with a cabana, water and electricity. Wanda is also willing to run us into town tomorrow morning for the PO.

Chillin’ at Wanda’s Cove

Funny how things and connections work.

Jack reminded me that in three days we have been in three different National Forests/Wildernesses. The Los Pedros, the Santa Fe and now the Chama River Wilderness. There is an amazing collection of federal land just waiting to be seen.

As we sit here, in chairs no less, it is thinking about raining once again. According to locals it is not the ‘monsoon’ season but they welcome each shower.

We expect a quiet evening and are looking forward to picking up our resupply and finishing New Mexico in 6 days or so.

Pink flamingo at Bode’s

11,6 walked

670.4 total cDT miles

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