Day 29

We have had some fantastic trails in the last few weeks. Very well-maintained, very well marked, and everything a hiker could wish for. Today is so different. There are acres and acres of downed trees, perhaps victim to the pine beetle. We had to go over, under, around and through—just a mess.

Blow downs
More blow downs

We were able to make good time regardless and Harrison caught up to us around 10. We leapfrogged until around noon when I, at least, was slowed to a crawl by a long uphill. We said goodbye and will keep in touch via text and Facebook even though Harrison said he was more of an Instagram guy.

As we were finishing up our lunch, after the nasty climb, we were dreaming of a way to get up the rest of the mountain. Around the switchback appeared Kirk and his lady friend. We met them a few days ago south of Cuba. They were hoping to see us again and carried a soda for each of us on the chance they ran across us. How nice and thoughtful was that! Lovely people. She has to go back to work on Monday, as the restrictions will be lifted. She says she does hair and has over 100 people booked for this week. She hasn’t contemplated next week as yet.

Great views
Bluffs in the distance

As we continued up the mountain it began to rain, actually a light drizzle. It wasn’t heavy enough to break out the rain gear. What it did do was to cause the dirt to clump in the cleats of our shoes. It became so bad that Jack bruises his instep because of the lumps.

We found a nice water supply, Fluentes Spring. We got our water and Jack stated he didn’t think he could walk another half mile. So, we are camped near the spring hoping an overnight rest will allow him to continue.

Rain’s a comin’

We are 22 miles away from where we need to hitch into Abiquiu. The terrain shows mostly downhill so that may help us make miles tomorrow.

And we walk…

Only 14.1 miles

Total CDT miles (without alternates) 660.7


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