Day 28

What a difference a day makes! We walked into Cuba through the dry desert. Today, continuing our journey we ended in a real forest with lots of streams from snow runoff. What a difference! Also, my toes did not hurt! First time in 28 days. Progress!

Denny, our host, picked us up at the house and took us to the Chaco Grill where we each were given a breakfast burrito and a lunch burrito and drink. He has a lot of knowledge about the area and showed us his second house he wants to make accessible to hikers once this Covid 19 stuff is over so money can be made. Everyone is hurting in this health crisis.

Many miniature strawberry plants
Snow in the shadows

It was a nice hike even with the 3000 feet in elevation gain. I still need seasoning on the ups. It is not as hard as it once was but it is still very tiring for me.

There are now fir trees and oak trees and wide open meadows up here at 10,000 feet. We saw our first elk today and when Jack pulled out his monocular he saw the tiniest baby elk. We think it was new born. We saw our second elk an hour or so later. Crossing some of the meadows we found ourselves in a marsh created by the snow melt. The streams cutting through the marsh were very clear. I stick my pole in one to find it three feet deep when it appeared to be six inches deep.

Lots of open space to watch the clouds form
Our current path for the day

It sprinkled on us a little bit as thunderclouds threatened. Jack was looking forward to a three tent campsite noted in Guthook. To be notable it must have great views and be lovely. Not! We arrived to a site amongst a lot of dead and dying trees and what could be a great view obstructed. To tie it off there was no water near in any direction. After an hour we had a surprise. Harrison strolled in and all were delighted to see each other. Harrison said we were the first people he has camped with since before Pie Town. He was so happy to see hikers. The next hour or so was spent catching up on who was where and other news. This will be the last we will see of Harrison as he is planning to push from here to Cumbres Pass without resupplying anywhere.


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