Day 27

Last night a couple stayed at the efficiency apartment at our location, Jeff and Jackie. Nice people passing through. This morning on the porch we found a daypack filled with all kinds of goodies, blanket, knit hat and gloves, poncho, emergency blanket, toothbrush, paste, shampoo, some granola bars and lots more. There was a note saying ‘blessings and a great journey to you’. Jackie and Jeff. How thoughtful was that?!? As we don’t need most of the things we will be sure it goes to someone needy in Cuba. People are amazing!

Currently I sit at the laundromat waiting for clothes to go through the process. Jack is mailing some stuff ahead across the street at the post office and then we may hook up with Creep and Hy-Gina. They are leaving town this afternoon while we will walk out tomorrow morning.

The owners of our rental have a restaurant and lunch will be at their place as part of the deal. We will have to buy some food for this evening unless we want to eat a trail food concoction again tonight. Last night we had some dehydrated hamburger casserole mixed with Mac and cheese. Edible but I hope for better tonight which means a trip to the grocery and not buying too much.

In speaking with Denny, our host, he shared that El Rancho where we are staying was one of the original buildings in Old Cuba which has been around since the late 1700s. Owned by one of the founding families, the Montoyas, they raised 7 children in the house. The efficiency apartment that Jeff and Jackie slept in last night was the original school. If you look in the patio photo from yesterday you will see a barn toward the back. That barn was the original store. Too bad we had such a limited time to learn from Denny.

As I try to prepare this day’s entry, it began to rain. A short but steady rain complete with thunder. I did not think we would see rain in New Mexico with their low rain average. Funny, the house is so well built it is cool enough that Jack and I both are sitting doing computer entries wearing our puffy jackets.

Denny will soon bring our dinner. He and his family grow and roast all the chilies for their three restaurants. He says it take several weeks. Here are so many interesting people if you care to reach out.

Time for a little trip down memory lane.

As we get nearer to Ghost Ranch, it’s interesting what thoughts run through my brain. When I was 16 my church sponsored a trip to Ghost Ranch and they were 50+ of us who were able to make the trip. It was a great trip with a lot of nice people and a lot of good memories on that trip. One of the memories that makes me most smile is sitting around a campfire having a circle prayer and Bunky Holiday says “thank you dear Lord for getting most of the cactus spines out of my hands”. The whole circle snickers and try to keep from laughing during this the solemn time. Apparently he had taken a tumble and landed on a cactus. Apparently they spent some time trying to get the spines out of his hands. Fine, fine trip, and good friends. I don’t know where they are right now. I was so looking forward to seeing any changes after 47 years I guess I’ll have to wait until a more opportune time as Ghost Ranch is closed due to the Covid 19 issue.

That is all for now. Oh, I forgot. The dog is a neighbor’s who has adopted us. We are off to Abiquiú tomorrow for resupply (instead of Ghost Ranch, unfortunately). Then to Cumbres Pass which will complete New Mexico.

A partial resupply for Jack
In town sites
For my hunting friends

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