Day 26

As we begin to descend from the Mesa, the sound of civilization started filtering in. In the distance was a white speck that was a cattleman backing his trailer up to a small corral to release some cattle. Then you could hear the vehicles moving along the road and a plane flying overhead. After the quietness of the previous days it’s a little noticeable change.

The views as we descended were amazing. Just the vast open space is something to behold. Soon we were down into the desert terrain again. Different vegetation and, for me, no views as the sage brush and other trees blocked my view. One thing was the same, the fine sand 2-6 inches deep that slows the walk.

There is a three or so mile road walk into Cuba and before we began, I sat to dump sand from my shoes and lo and behold a pickup truck stopped and offered us a ride to town. Yes! No paved road walk!

In town we first stopped by the post office to pick up our respective resupply. Jim had told me mine arrived yesterday but it was not to be found. While waiting for Jim to get the tracking number, we headed to the Family Dollar to pick up a couple things. I broke my phone charging cable so that needed replacing and, as always, some bandages for my ongoing blisters. We had lunch with Brooke and Alden, the college girls, and exchanged stories.

Jack’s wife, Bridget, arranged lodging for us. As a result we are spending the next two nights in a delightful house. It is a bit out of town but the owner is running us out and back. Tomorrow he will pick us up and take us back into town to do laundry and perhaps see Creep and Hy-Gina if they are still around.

Our home for two nights
All the doors are amazing!
Living room/dining
Looking out the dining window
The wonderful patio

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