Day 25

We awoke early on top of the mountain. What a miserable night. After setting up camp, the wind began to blow. I had been in bed about 30 minutes when the wind pulled up one stake from my tent causing it to collapse. I had even taken the precaution of placing rocks on top of the stakes. Well, I found a bigger rock to add to the other two. The stake held. The wind buffeted the tent making all kinds of racket keeping me from sleeping.

We stopped at the water location and chased some cows away to get to the cleanest tank. While there we celebrated 600 mikes on the CDT.

This afternoon was perfect for a goat. There was a climb to the top of a Mesa that was a narrow, twisting, rocky path fit for goats. It actually was quite well done in as much as the path below and above were visible for maybe 10-20 feet. Looking down the trail was not visible. Great views. Rob Connor you would absolutely love it.

CDT sign in gnarly tree
Follow the cairns
Lunch spot
Headed for the Mesa
Can you spot the trail?
View from the top
We climbed up the face of this like billy goats!
A long way down
Across the Mesa

Camp tonight is on this lovely Mesa. It will be a several mile drop into Cuba, our next resupply town.

Today’s miles 20.0

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