Day 24

We been on a high plateau for a few days and now that we are descending we’re seeing all manner of cactus reappear. Plate cactus, cholla cactus, and others I can’t name. So I suppose that means we’re getting down to another dry area at this region of New Mexico.

The views were stupendous! High Mesa, cliffs and miles and miles to view. I hope these photos do it justice.

We are back in the desert, no doubt. Hot with a light breeze blowing as we passed through a flat area that stretched for miles. We did see several cars buzzing by in the distance.

Once again our terrain changed. Up and down over slight hills turning mostly to rocks. Then the occasional big hill. At lunch Creep and Hy-Gina popped their heads over the edge of an up. We had a very nice few minutes visiting. They did 29 miles yesterday and some of the miles over Mt. Taylor were taxing. Here I am trying to consistently hit 20. I will get there, maybe not until Wyoming.

We are two days out of Cuba, NM. Currently we are camped on the top of a mountain. I have weighed down my tent stakes with rocks and tied the tent to a tree just in case the wind begins to whip in the night. We should have a marvelous sunrise.

An actual spring not a cattle trough for water
Going up!
Canyons galore
Posing for the camera

17.1 miles

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