Day 23

Out late at 7 o’clock. The wind died down during the night which is great. We left and I quickly out paced Jack. I don’t know quite where he is at this moment but I’m sure we will reconnect. As I’m walking about 4 miles from our campsite I found a whole bunch of bear paw prints. I also saw some prints that look like small cat prints. Who knows with those truly were.

Can you say baby bear?

Our first water source was 14.6 miles from camp. We arrived and searched for the water. And searched. For those of you who have hiked the Appalachian Trail, the water source at the Vandeventure Shelter would appear to be in the shelter. In comparison, it was about a half mile trek down into a canyon to find the water. Of course one has to hike back out and up the canyon. No hiker likes to log miles off the trail.

After that trek, we relaxed while the water is filtered and we enjoy lunch.

Gorgeous afternoon! Good trail with gradual uphill and mainly down.

Jim got me an InReach location beacon that can be triggered in an emergency and this model allows text between numbers. As it is new to me, I have been watching battery usage. Today the little gadget beeped at me because the battery was getting low. I turned off the unit. Little did I know Jim has been tracking my daily progress and became concerned when I had not moved for 3 hours. Jack’s wife got a call inquiring and she got in touch with Jack to find all was well. I guess it is true you can run but cannot hide even way out here.

One of many style CDT signs
We find strange things along the trail. I like the toupee
Here come the views


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