Day 22

Last night we camped in a secluded spot on Mt. Taylor. The wind was incessant! We prepared to be very cold while sleeping and,thankfully, it didn’t get too cold. Inside my tent it was 45 degrees. However, the constant blowing wind made us reluctant to get out of our flimsy shelters. I will be starting my day in rain gear to break the wind. Thank you, Jim for sending them in my last package.

The wind wasn’t a constant companion going down off of Mount Taylor. We joined a forest service road with nothing to block from the wind. It came from behind us then we would get a crosswind, it was just windy and even with it being 55 or 60° it was still cold as it was blowing around 15 to 20 miles an hour.

We passed by a 30 x 30 two story ranger station or some sort of station with an array of towers with micro-wave dishes and satellite dishes and all kinds of stuff. We were speculating as to whether someone spent the winter. If so, they may be inaccessible for 5-6 months.

Flag iris

Roads and

There was a lot of road walking along forest service roads today. We passed through some lovely pine forests and forests that had been burned. Water was sketchy, but we are somewhat used to that. It seems it will continue through this state.

We are trying to figure out our resupply after Cuba. Ghost Ranch will not yet be open and without that resupply we would need to carry 9 days of food. We are still checking our options.

More roads

Yesterday we met a family out for the weekend camping in their fifth wheel trailer.They told us the night before there was a mama bear and three cubs messing around or just wandered around the campsite. Also, we caught up with Five Star and Songbird at the water trough. We last saw them in Lordsburg at day 1. They had seen Sarah and Moonshine, they did not see Creep and Hy-Gina.

16.4 miles today

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