Day 20

Today was a zero day, one with no hiking. We slept in and generally regrouped. Mich gave us a ride to the post office to pick up our resupply, well, except for B-Line whose package some how ended up in Portland Oregon with no set time to arrive in Grants..

I am now better prepared for Mt. Taylor tomorrow as my puffy down jacket arrived. This morning it was 17 degrees on the mountain at 11,000 feet. Anyone who knows me, know that the cold is not my friend.

Five of us hikers got together for pizza tonight and we plan to head out tomorrow. Well, except for Raven. His knee is still messed up so he is electing to hole up somewhere to allow it to heal a bit. We are looking for an inexpensive place for him to stay for a week.

Good news! Jim let me know that our shuttle driver, Ray, in Lordsburg had a hiker bring in my glasses! I thought they were lost for good. Right now I am wearing an old prescription so it will be good to get them back.

No photos today as there really isn’t much to photo.

Back to the trail tomorrow and into Cuba, NM in about 4-6 days.

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