Day 19

We had a late start this morning knowing it would be a short day, only 12.6 miles to the ranger station. All the way into Grants would be 24 miles and Raven’s knee is not improving in the least so we take it slow.

Walk to Grants
The Narrows
Majestic pine
Natural Arch

We stopped at the Ventana Natural Arch to check it out and to rest Raven’s knee. While there we met David from Sheboygan Wisconsin who is traveling around the National and State Parks checking out America. He volunteered to give us a ride into Grants saving miles and Raven’s knee.

David, our trail angel

As we pulled up in the Motel 6 parking lot out comes Creep. He and Hy-Gina got in last night and plan to stay a couple days. Hy-Gina is trying to fix her blisters. Unfortunately they keep coming back on her toes.

B-Line (Jack), Hy-Gina, Creep, Raven

The day was spent relaxing and marveling over happenings back in the ‘real’ world. New Mexico has standing rules requiring face masks in public. We all have masks so that isn’t a problem. It was funny to see the three of us in the drive up at Taco Bell. I was at the window, Jack was 10 feet behind me and Raven was 10 feet behind Jack. We got some interesting looks from the cars behind us.

We are busy planning the next section over Mt. Taylor at over 11,000 feet with little water. Tomorrow our mail resupplies will arrive at the Post office and sorting is on the schedule.

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