Day 18

This morning we helped Jetta replenish a water cache on the way to the trailhead. In the 80 miles between Pie Town and Grants there are only 3 reliable places to get water. One is a ranger’s station and we had heard there was no water to be had there. With help from trail angel Carole Mumm we found that the spigot was broke but should be repaired by the time we arrive.

Today was cloudy and breezy with easy slopes. There was lots to see on this beautiful day with lower temperatures.


Surprise! It start sprinkling on us up here going to this pass.

The CDT in New Mexico is still a work in progress. Many, many miles are walking on roads, dirt, rocky, two track and paved roads. A ‘purist’ will walk every step along the way. A ‘non-purist’ will skip sections such as road walks. From the Gila River to Pie Town and from Pie Town to Grants there is over 100 miles of road walk. The only road walk I find distasteful is the paved road walks. Having said that, Jack, Raven and I have no problem skipping some road walks. We are still hiking the CDT but elect not to walk on pavement if at all possible.

The next 30 miles into Grants are road walks and we shall see if we walk them or hitch a ride.


As we walked through the Cebolla Wilderness we found a couple of old line shacks (cabins). One was in remarkable shape for BB what we believe to be its age.


We stopped tonight at the South Narrows Picnic Area. After 18.6 mikes were were tired. The last 6+ miles were a paved road walk where we saw a green rattlesnake that blended perfectly with the grey/green dried brush. Within another mile we saw another snake, maybe a rat snake, on the road.

There were plenty of cattle near the trail today. We saw plenty of salt blocks and several things we called Reese’s cups. If anyone know what their true function might be, please share.

What is that?
Water source

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