Day 17

We were planning to leave in the evening so we took the opportunity to sleep in. Adam was the only other hiker overnight at The Toaster House and he left around 5 or 5:30.

Scheduled today was the post office, me to ship excess and shoes home, Jack to pick up resupply and to mail out and Raven to bounce his box forward as he had enough supplies to get to Grants.

Then began the strategy session. Where is the water, how far to walk per day, etc. My friend, David Mullins, had stayed with Hugo and Carole Mumm in Grants on his thru hike and urged me to do the same. With the virus, Jim called the Mumms for me to see if they were accepting packages and/or hosting. They will accept my package and bring it to me but there will be no hosting or rides as they are in the high risk category and cases are escalating in that area.

I called the Mumms to see what info they could give on water on the way into Grants. In the last 50 miles there are only 2 places to obtain water. I questioned her about the ranger station as we understood the water spigot was turned off. She was concerned as that left a 35 mile section with NO water. She called Rangers from two entities, BLM and the State Parks to get some good info. After a couple of hours she reported the plumbing had broken but the repairs were completed today. Whew! That was a long way without water.

Consensus was we would leave at 7 on Tuesday morning and push hard toward Grants. The zero day will be good for my blisters and Raven’s knee.

It is just the three of us here tonight plus the caretaker, Jefferson. We hope Harrison will cruise in tomorrow as with the excess of food we are leaving a huge resupply for him. As a recent college grad he is on a short budget.

It is tea time! The four of us are headed for a confab with tea in the kitchen. Back to walking tomorrow.

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