Day 15

We left Harrison in his tent as we pulled out at 6:30. The trail was nicely graded even with the usual ups and downs. I was the problem. My feet felt like they were pushing against a strong current and my steps would not turn over. Sloggy. Rough hiking physically for me through the beautiful forest. The trail was great. There is very little underbrush among the giant pines perhaps due to a fire several years ago.

Clear Creek

We, Jack and I, met two Air Force men, Matt and Travis, out scouting for elk as they were able to obtain elk tags for fall. Their plan is to hunt with a bow. These guys are part of the Predator and Raptor drone program. They fly drones with 80 foot wing spans. Wow!

As we crossed the Gila River again we found a herd of wild pigs. There were about a dozen pigs. Neat to see but still destructive to the ground.


We opted for a really short day of 11 miles as I was having trouble not tripping on rocks and Jack had a queasy stomach. As we were sitting in the shade exploring our options, Harrison showed up. He had traversed the same miles in 1.5 hour less than we. He also let us know Raven showed up with a story of being tracked by what he believes was a coyote. He kept seeing red eyes when he glanced over his shoulder. After pitching his tent and crawling in, the coyote let out a yowl from less than 50 feet away.

Raven is joining us in camp tonight and we are currently plotting our plans for the next couple days. Harrison opted to head out about 3 to walk another 11 miles or so.

Perhaps with this good rest I will be able to push along.

Miles total 241.9

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