Day 14

Jack and I stayed at Doc Campbell’s for breakfast and socializing with the other hikers. We left at 9 am and made a brief stop at the Gila National Cliff Dwellings Monument before heading up the trail. On the trail at 11:00, the trail was a good path with not too many fist sized rocks and gentle ups and downs. Unfortunately, even at 6900 feet the temperature topped 95*. We stopped around two and waited an hour for the heat to dissipate to some degree.



We walked through some lovely open woods and meadows today. Jack, who hunts, said it looked like prime elk feeding grounds. No elk today.

We arrived at camp around sundown and were just preparing dinner when we were hailed by another hiker. Harrison had left Doc Campbell’s around 3 pm am did the same amount of miles in much less time. We told him we wanted his 24 year old legs. He said he wanted our money. Neither went to bed satisfied. LOL

Raven apparently left an hour prior to Harrison and no one has seen him. We believe he may have decided to go a different trail. Time will tell.

Really tired and it is almost 10 pm REALLY late. We hope to start early tomorrow.

As much as I appreciate Jack’s hat, I now have sunburned ears. Ever tried to sleep on sunburned ears?

Total miles 230.3

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