Day 13

We slept in today and didn’t leave camp until 7:00. The goal was Doc Campbell’s Post where we would pick up resupply boxes and camp overnight. Timing was important as Doc’s is only open 12-4 due to the Covid 19 issue.

Gila River

At a balmy 49* we forded the first of about 20 river crossings. The overcast skies kept the canyon temps to the low 70s as the day moved on. We stepped up our pace having finally realized the pattern of the trail and arrived at Doc’s around 1 pm. Retrieving the supply boxes we started other chores such as showers, laundry, setting up tents and, for some, eating.

Dreaded road walk

Road walk

There is only WiFi here which doesn’t allow me to call or text. Even What’sApp didn’t go Through. Oh well.

Break time

We are just getting ready to grill some brats courtesy of Mike the owner. Strange how life is, Mike and his family moved here in 2016 from Clarksville, TN. We caught them up on what was happening in the Trigg County area.

History of the native Apache

Here tonight are Jack, Raven, Harrison and my self. Mike said by this date they normally host about 300 hikers. So far this year only about 20. Everyone is hurting but still doing what they can for their fellow man.

Doc Campbell’s yard

Total miles 210.7

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