Day 12

We left camp at 6 just as the morning sun drifted through the trees. It was 7 miles til the next water which had been my goal yesterday.

The descent was about 1000 in 2 miles. Couple the steep rate of descent with the baseball and larger sized rocks making up the trail, it was a tough descent. I was happy to have a ball cap, Jack had extra in his pack. Thanks, Jack.

We made it down to Sheep Corral Canyon where there were sheep corrals but nary a sheep in sight.

Then the fun began. The Gila River snakes through several canyons and the CDT alternate also goes through. This translates into crossing the river many many times. The water was pleasantly chilled and the water was knee to waist deep. There were some sketchy crossings. Of the eleven miles of crossings, we have managed 7. So we will start early tomorrow again. The next resupply stop is Doc Campbell’s Store where we will pick up supplies and do laundry and most likely camp.

As I’m lying here in bed, it’s interesting we can hear amazing frog sounds in the background. Coming from the river. It sounds like a huge flock of sheep baa-ing.

Not many photos as the phone was wrapped in plastic and stowed most of the day.

Miles 196.7

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