Day 10

Did I tell you we spent the night camped in the cow pasture? We camped there as it was near the water source we needed to make the last 15 miles into town.

It did stop raining in the night but not nearly soon enough or was it windy enough to dry out the tent. So, we packed up wet tents and headed out to town 2 miles on sand and or dirt roads then onto a state highway. A 13 mile road walk on a state highway is not usually a Hiker’s idea of a good time.

We were making good time yet my feet were still killing me. The feet are better but walking on the pavement is excruciating. With about 10 miles left to town a man went past us and then turned around and came and asked if we wanted to ride to town. He said I looked pretty tired. Bless that poor man’s heart.

We met up with Raven at the Palace Hotel. It is an old hotel built in 1899 and is very well-maintained. It is in the heart of Silver City which means it isn’t far from anything due to the size of the town. they even serve breakfast, at least to Continental Divide Hikers. That was a surprise.

Apparently Raven got in the mood to be in town last night and finished a 30 mile day to arrive. He waited for us to come into town this morning and we three then went and combined a laundry load and then had lunch at a Mexican truck café. It was really quite good. The rest of the day has been spent drying out gear, sorting out food for the coming section, working on my feet, and meeting with the guys to plan the next section.

In an hour or so I will reload my pack to be ready to leave at 6:30 in the morning. The hotel owner has been gracious enough to offer us a ride back to the trail so we do not have to walk it on the road. Nice people here at the hotel, I recommend.

As an aside, the new owners purchased this hotel on February 29. They were open for a week before the coronavirus hit. In that week they were excited to have 85% occupancy. Now, just like so many other businesses, they’re doing their best to hang on. I wish them well as they’re doing a good job.

Fair warning! If you don’t like ugly sites don’t look at the next photo. It is of my right foot and this, believe it or not, looks better than it did. I look forward to another five or six days when it should be healed.

Nicer photos tomorrow

Tomorrow we enter the Gila River Wilderness Area where we should cross the Gila River up to 80 times in one day. That will certainly be a change of scenery and pace for us. We will have wet feet for sure. It should be fun.

Mile 157.7

One thought on “Day 10

  1. Sorry to see those feet pictures – I know that pleasure well. I wish I could help, I’m sure the river crossings will both help (in the moment) and hurt (over the course of the day.) Best of luck, can’t wait to hear about the Gila.


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