Day 9

After spending an entire day in Lordsburg nursing sore feet, I was ready to begin hiking again. I said goodbye to Jim and wished him a safe journey back to Kentucky and began to walk with Jack at 4:30 this morning.

The trail today began with a road walk through Lordsburg and turned into a field with few markings. We successfully negotiated our way in the dark watching the moon set in the west and the soft entry of the sun in the east.

The forecast called for a cooler day and we hoped to use that to make some miles. The first water resupply was 18 miles from town so we carried extra to begin. As we walked the temps were perfect for a brisk pace with a gentle breeze. The desert is changing as we ascend 2909 feet in 20 miles. There are fewer flowers and different trees, less of some desert plants and more of others. We have been told there will be a real change with a forest like atmosphere today or tomorrow. That will be nice, as lively as the desert has been.

Pretty, pretty!

Neither of us actually slept last night so our pace surprised us. Then came the wind! Gusts of 20-30 miles per hour as a headwind. It couldn’t be a tailwind, of course.


This afternoon we indeed found a forest. We are in the mountains now and it is bound to be cooler which will help with upping the miles, I hope.

Nothing too exciting today. Another horned toad, and 2 bulls staring us down at 2 separate times. All is well.

Total miles 106.3

Windmill at our water source

I thought the twisted limb looked like a gremlin


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