Day 8

While I am thinking about it, my new sunglasses are fabulous at keeping the gnats out of my eyes. Lots of gnats around here.

We left at 6:30 this morning. The trail has some ups and downs as usual. It is very overcast with a couple of sprinkles but nothing to amount to anything except the promise of cool. I am moving along at a pretty good pace and don’t know where Jack is, how far behind but I’m sure he’ll catch up when I stop for lunch. We’re up in the mountains still a lot of juniper trees, no oaks as in the past days and the larg pines have disappeared.

Bouquet in the rocks

Raven contacted me last night and it seems we missed him by 30 minutes when he got on the trail from leaving the Burrow Mountain Homestead. So he’s about 4 miles ahead it says that he has a bum knee and that we should catch him. It hasn’t happened yet not though we hope to see him later today. He is looking to spend time with other hikers in Silver City.

It was a long day today. A couple of good ups and downs. During the afternoon, it sprinkled off and on. Not even enough to blink about. Jack never caught up today and, as we had our destination chosen for the night, I carried on.

Water refill time-Jack’s 4 liters

Some where in the last 5 miles of the day I wandered off trail. Welcome Guthook! Guthook is a trail guide with GPS tracking on the user. Well with Guthook’s help I managed to get back on trail. That is a generous description. The first mile traversed was a lovely dry riverbed complete with high rock walls, deep sand and lots of OHV tracks. On I slogged through until it widened into a huge bed of sand. This went on for 4 miles until it began to rain. If you can envision trying to walk through 8 or more inches of sand, carting a backpack and an umbrella, well the cows were a bit taken aback.

In any event, it is nice and dry in my tent. Jack cruises in to our spot about 8:25. He too, enjoyed the deep sand and cold rain. Tomorrow is a town day where my resupply box awaits. I hope it quits raining soon so the tent can dry out.

I really am out here

Lone tree

Real rocks

Evening scenery

Mile 142.6

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