Day 7

Zero Day! That is a hiker term where no trail miles were walked. This is very early for a zero for me. On the AT it was 700 miles before I spent two nights in one place. For future reference, a Zero is walking into town early in the day, doing chores and resupply leaving the next morning or getting into town in the evening and doing chores in the morning before leaving the following afternoon.

We began the morning by eating half of a ginormous sweet roll. Jim said the restaurant was so proud of their rolls he wouldn’t tell me how much they cost. They must have been expensive!

Over half the size of my iPad!!

While leaving to drive to the post office for Jack to mail a package, we found Raven leaving his room. He was going to the post office as well then hang out on the balcony until 5 before getting back on the trail. All of us headed out then for lunch. My first Texas BLT. Beef brisket, lettuce and tomato on Texas toast, who’d a thunk? Good sandwich. Then we chatted until mid afternoon before heading back to our rooms.

So, I’ve thus far met Jack form Golden CO, Matt from S Carolina, Creep from Illinois, Hy-Gina from Seattle and Chris from Pueblo, CO. The hotel says that at this time of year they generally have 5 pages of hiker sign ins on their register. When I signed in there were only 35 names. We will be more spread out over the next week. The towns seem to be functioning and appreciate our economic contribution. Yes, I do have a mask with me.

The plan is to begin the hike again, with different shoes, at 4 in the morning and with the projected cooler temperature we expect to up our mileage to 20+ a day. Today was 97* with the high tomorrow forecasted to be 87* and mostly cloudy.

Total miles 83.3


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